Website Redesign

Does your website need a refresh? Has it been a couple of years since you’ve considered your digital marketing strategy. The Website redesign process starts with a review of your current website using empathy maps and user journeys to define the goals of your website. Then we will iterate wire-frames and mock-up designs that meet…

Business Plan Development

Failure to plan is planning to fail. The business plan is a living document that needs to be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure opportunities are not being missed. Take advantage of tools such as SWOT analysis, marketing, finance and operations plans as part of a greater cohesive whole. This is also a chance to…

Pro Forma Financials

Examine opportunities by comparing their net present value by producing pro forma financial statements. Corky can help you understand what your business stands to gain by capitalizing a project that has the potential to deliver more value to your customers. This is not limited to only digital projects, but can include projects in physical rhelm…

Financial Reports

The historical financial data of your company helps you understand where your company stands financially and helps with planning for shifting trends in your industry. Producing financial reports will give you an idea of how profitable your company is and the basis of ratio analysis to see how you compare with industry leaders.

Bison Coffeehouse

A website for a coffeeshop, which was eventually linked to in several large publications. Subsequently, earned a recommendation from the owner for the work and passed the project off while in graduate school. Since, it has been updated.