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Software for Small Business

Small business is hard and only growing more difficult as huge companies gain more traction with your customers and talent. How can small businesses stay visible in the modern digital landscape, yet alone compete? Bring your company into the modern era with software that keeps you focused on your business.

Software, despite seeming like a one time expense, must be updated. Not because it expires like food, but because technology outpaces it. Have you assessed your web presence lately? Have you thought it would be nice to have some more features, but when you find the time to get a quote it’s surprisingly expensive? Then you hear of technology companies offering their employees incentives like unlimited vacation? So are these companies taking your hard earned money and going on vacation.. Forever? Software is not rocket science and there is a better way. Bring your idea to Corky’s and we’ll work to make your dream come to life.

Software is business and good business is about how much value you can bring to the table. Corky’s brings together savvy young professionals trying to make their way in technology, in order to leverage the combined knowledge of everyone, for your business software needs.

Do you have a coffee shop without an app that lets you order while you're standing in line? Or a photography business with no online presence? A non-profit with no money? Or perhaps a doctor’s office or law firm with no online scheduling tool. Corky’s can help.

Your Corky Associates Are In the cloud

Corky associates are millennials inspired by travel, food and fun! We recognize you don't have to be tied to a desk to do good work. We don’t have a fancy high rise, which means our operating costs are low. You might find us buying coffee from your coffeeshop, while working on your website. Corky’s is a small business helping small businesses.